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My passion for painting is with the process itself as an

exploration and an adventure. No matter how much time I

spend planning a composition, there are bound to be surprises

that contribute to the delight of the experience.

Painting gives me an opportunity to communicate

relationships and contrasts in light, temperature, form and

value to express my visual and intuitive experience. When I

see the final painting I find myself searching for individual

decisions made along the way: pure color, raw brush stoke,

evidence of decision made without conscious editing.
Those elements, even more than the overall representation
of my subject, tell the story of my painting.

Each piece I paint is a reflection of trust in myself on a

particular day: have I moved straight from palette to canvas

without self-guessing, are the colors unadulterated, does each

brush stroke have its own character, make its own statement?

With each choice I make from palette to canvas, I aim to bring

my skill and aesthetic sensibility to a higher level. With each

painting, I aim to visually share my  experience of each

subject and the joy I find in the process.

For the past five years I have volunteered as a mentor to young political refugees from home countries around the globe.  I facilitate a weekly fine arts project through Free Arts of Arizona within the Unaccompanied Minor Program supported by Catholic Charities of Arizona.

Each week I lead a creative art project for groups of kids ranging seven to seventeen years old.  Each project provides a platform for us to explore aspects of personal growth such as personal identity, family, community and emotional expression.

Facilitating an environment where everything a child and his/her neighbor make is right and accidents are opportunities is my aim. Art transcends the spoken word in every case, so language does not impede our learning together.  I’m amazed by the resiliency of the human spirit.  These kids brave such odds to claim their rightful healthy selves, and making art offers them that opportunity for healing.

I am currently leading the design and installation of a ceramic mural which is scheduled for installation October, 2014.  The piece will be entitled Refuge, 5 feet x 10 feet and will be comprised of ceramic pieces made by youth and community members who have participated in the Unaccompanied Minor Program.